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  • N'ewesletter: ALP's quarterly newsletter contains updates of ALP activities and projects; producer resources for production and management; technology & tools for productivity; and industry information and news.
  • Sheep Canada: Features articles on health, genetics, behaviour, and nutrition, as well as producer profiles, sheep research from around the world, and advice for beginners.
  • Messenger Newsletter: Biweekly newsletter from the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency. 
  • The Sheep Industry News:  Monthly publication of the American Sheep Industry Association. 

Sheep Value Chain Roundtable Resource Catalogue

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Based off producer feedback we have been receiving this past year, the ALP Board decided to phase out sharing our e-communication Marketline as well as uploading the information/reports onto our website due to the skewed reporting which can provide an inaccurate reading of the current AB market ex: Auction Marts in Alberta don’t provide averages, or the number of head sold in each category. ALP also has no way of validating the information being provided, which in turn means an inaccurate market is being portrayed in our report. To avoid any misleading market information, as of June 1, 2023, ALP will no longer be sharing nor sending these market updates. We will however, still provide the links on our website (  for producers to view the auction marts weekly reports both in Alberta and Ontario.


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 Weekly Market Reports - 2013

  Nov 7 Dec 5
Oct 17 Nov 14 Dec 12
Oct 24 Nov 21 Dec 19
Oct 31 Nov 28  

The weekly Marketline reports were started in October 2013.  For market information from Alberta prior to this time, check the individual auction websites.  Previous market information for Ontario auctions, is available on the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency website (