ALP Annual Report and Fall Meetings

 ALP Annual Report: Fall Round-Up 2017

We invite you to review the materials given at the 2017 Fall Round-Up meetings. Links to the complete Annual Report and a pdf of the ALP presentation are provided below.  These documents include the financial statements, operations budget and information on industry issues. Call your director if you need more information or have some ideas or views about the content.

The audited financial statements were provided to all attendees of the zone meetings.  A printed copy of the Annual Report is available from the ALP office.

Please note that the audited statements include all transactions undertaken by Alberta Lamb Producers, income from both service charges and external funding. The operations budget spreadsheet shows clearly the use of your check off dollars.

The external funding expended during the year for the benefit of industry and producers.

These documents are provided for your information.  If you have questions or would like to discuss any of this information, please contact your zone director or the office at 403 948 8533.