Animal Movement (Livestock Manifests)

Livestock transportation

All sheep transported or driven in Alberta or to a destination outside of Alberta are required to be accompanied with an Alberta livestock manifest. Alberta livestock manifests are available from Livestock Identification Services Ltd. at 1-866-509-2088 or (Some Agriculture & Rural Development hub offices and auction markets carry stocks of manifests.)

For help with completing a livestock manifest, download Livestock Manifest in AB (pdf).

Sales transactions

When sheep are sold, the sale transaction must be documented in writing by either a bill of sale prepared by the owner or a settlement statement prepared by the purchaser or a livestock dealer on behalf of the seller or the purchaser. The person who sells sheep must disclose whether they are the owner or a livestock dealer acting on behalf of the owner. Also, when sheep are sold, the owner must provide a written livestock security interest declaration to the purchaser or to the livestock dealer acting on behalf of the owner. This declaration can be completed on the livestock manifest or on a separate form.

For more information read the 'Traceability and Transporting Alberta Sheep' page on the Alberta Agriculture website.