Sheep Calendar

Low Stress Livestock Handling with Dylan Biggs
Friday 15 September 2017, 08:00am
To Sunday 17 September 2017
Contact Stephanie 780 864 3150 or Sherry 780 864 3057

Dylan Biggs from Hanna, Alberta will be giving a 'Low-Stress Sheep Handling' workshop. He is also doing a Low-Stress Cattle Handling clinic for the Peace Country Beef and Forage Association (PCBFA), which will take place on September 15th and 16th. The sheep workshop will take place Sunday,September 17th at the farm of Stephanie and Kirk just south of Moonshine Lake Park (near Spirit River, AB). This sheep workshop is an all-day event with some classroom time and a lot of time with the flock. Low-stress handling techniques provide a tremendous boost to the shepherd's bottom line in terms of prevention of illness, delayed weight gain, and numerous other factors that affect the welfare of our sheep. We would like to know who is interested in this workshop so we can determine a cost per person. Costs: $50/person, $75/couple, $25/4-H member. 

Topics Covered - Sheep (September 17th, Contact Stephanie 780 864 3150 or Sherry 780 864 3057):

  • Fundamentals of driving stock
  • Correct herd movement
  • Controlling speed and direction
  • Pressure: Offense vs defense
  • Position and movement
  • Working in facilities
  • Sorting, processing, loading

Topics Covered - Cattle (September 15-16th, visit PCBFA website for details):*

  • Fundamentals of driving stock
  • Correct herd movement
  • Controlling speed and direction
  • Pressure: offense vs defense
  • Position and movement 
  • Sorting and driving singles 
  • Moving cow-calf pairs
  • Settling 
  • Working in facilties

Dylan Biggs has spent his life working cattle, horses, sheep and dogs on his family’s ranch north-east of Hanna, Alberta. A 9,000 acre vertically integrated cow/calf yearling operation that utilizes mostly native pasture has supplied him with a vast number of livestock handling experiences. Early in his ranching career Dylan committed himself to finding a more effective and less stressful approach to handling livestock. For the past 22 years he has traveled extensively across Canada and into the US sharing his knowledge and experiences with interested livestock producers through seminars, clinics, livestock handling demonstrations, print and radio media. Dylan is always keen to share what he has learned in an effort to improve the quality of life for both.*

Location Sheep Workshop: Spirit River, AB (contact organizers for details). Cattle Workshop: Gordondale, AB