About Us

“Alberta Lamb Producers is a dynamic partner in building a sustainable, thriving industry for sheep producers”

Building the Vision Together

Through advocacy, education, training, communication, research, and ongoing community-building, ALP proudly supports every producer in our province.

Since 1972, sheep producers have supported their provincial organisation, the Alberta Sheep & Wool Commission; renamed in 2009 to better reflect its focus, Alberta Lamb Producers.


Producing: Results!

  • Over $0.5 million directly into producer pockets in 2011/3; producers had access to $1.2million for tag incentive and technology programs.
  • More Growing Forward grant programs include sheep producers.
  • Typically, three dollars or more of outside funding secured for projects for every member dollar received - a highly leveraged return on your investment.
  • Valued communications through N’ewesletter, N’ewesline and www.ablamb.ca
  • Ongoing education with resources like the courses and modules on sheep production and business to improve productivity and profitablility.
  • Extensive website containing industry information, contacts, and resources. Visits to www.ablamb.ca increased by 26% in the last year.
  • Advocacy at every level of government and industry promoting producer interests and representing our members.
  • ALP develops and provides free information on topics from health to feeding; predation to technology. Our Producer Resources help members run more efficient and profitable operations.
  • Collaboration with government and funding leveraged by your check off, allows us to provide research and practical management tools to our members.
  • Total Alberta flock increased 13% since July 2011 (Statistics Canada)


Together, our efforts are paying off