Reportable Diseases

Dealing with animal diseases is a part of everyday management for livestock producers. Most diseases encountered will affect a relatively limited number of animals and are unlikely to rapidly spread through the industry. Although it is essential to control diseases to maintain your flock profitability, the occurrence of most diseases is not considered an emergency situation. Certain diseases, however, are classified as reportable.

These are diseases that are: highly contagious; pose a threat to human health; endanger trade; or are not currently endemic in Canada (e.g. Foreign Animal Diseases).

It is essential that cases or suspected cases of reportable diseases are reported as soon as possible. Producers must be familiar with the signs of reportable diseases and take action immediately if they are concerned.

Producers and veterinarians are required to report cases or suspected cases of federally reportable diseases to a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) district veterinarian. The CFIA is designated as the lead organization in coordinating control efforts for these diseases. Go to for more information, a list about federally reportable diseases and for CFIA office contact information.

Information regarding Alberta’s provincially reportable and notifiable diseases is available from the Alberta Agriculture website.

Information about Alberta’s Foreign Animal Disease Support Plan is available from the Alberta Emergency Management Agency.

The biosecurity practices you use to control other diseases will help protect your flock, and the industry as a whole, from reportable diseases.

  • Working closely with your veterinarian will help tailor veterinary care to your flock’s unique requirements and, in the event of a disease outbreak, save time in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Follow the recommendations in the National Sheep Producer Biosecurity Planning Guide to mitigate and respond to threats to flock health.