Setting It Up: Sheep Infrastructure

sheep infrastructure cover

Where to start? How to expand efficiently? How do I lay out my farm to cut down on my workload? What are the most efficient penning structures? What tools can save me time?  Whether you are new to the sheep industry, or a veteran, this collection of operational best practices is invaluable!

The Infrastructure module was designed to help producers create the most cost-and time – effective operation possible.  To run a profitable sheep business, producers need to take advantage of every tip, strategy and tool they can.  This manual has gathered that information into a one-stop resource. 

Topics covered include: Farm planning, Information management, Buildings and penning, Utilities, Feed and water considerations, Fencing and Handling, Manure and Deadstock management.

The on-line module provides a brief description of each topic and each numbered heading links to specific information on that topic.  To access the information contained in the module, open the module, and click on the title of the numbered document you wish to view.

Setting it Up: Sheep Infrastructure (pdf)